List of Research Projects:

  • Sehrish Ajmal On Variant of Flame Malware
  • Azhar Javed Automated Malware Analysis to Identify Data Espionage and Backdoor Creation
  • Muhammad Tariq Establishing CSIRT for Heterogeneous Academic Environment
  • Sumayya Shahzad Implementation of Automated Security Focused Configuration Management in an Academic Organization through SCAP (NIST)
  • Muzzamil Noor Usability Evaluation for Smartphone Platforms and Development of Dlearn (Device Learning) Application
  • Nadia Mumtaz Generic Information Security Policy Framework For Academic Institutes
  • Huma Rehman Implementing International Best Practices (ISMS) in Academic Institutions
  • Umair Ahmed Determining the Efficacy of ISO 27001 Controls in Academic Institutions and Methodologies to Find the Vulnerabilities
  • Waleed Bin Shahid Analysis of Malicious Applications in Smart Phones Running Android Operating System
  • Sana Ul Haq A solution for the Detection and Prevention of Wormhole Attack in Manets
  • Muhammad Qasim Saeed Security Analysis of Pakistan-e- Passport System
  • Samin Jan Khan A Technique to Discourage the Relay Attack on CAPTCHA
  • Muzammil Khan Policy Driven Military Security Architecture
  • Adnan Abbas Defining Wireless Network Security Policy for Defense Organization and Integrating BLP Model in the Policy for Access Control
  • Muhammad Tariq Saeed Performance Enhancement of Signature-based Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Muhammad Aslam Enhancement of security framework of Mobile Agent Based intrusion detection system
  • Juniad Miraj Internet Cookies Threats to Privacy Consequences and Their Remedial Measures
  • Muhammad Luqman Dar Role Based Access control modeling in an educational environment (Using the CODIS frame work)
  • Abu Baker Ilyas Analysis and Simulation of DoS Attack Detection Algorithm using Dependency and Correlation



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